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Bugs du patch 1.2 pour SC2
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Bugs du patch 1.2 pour SC2
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Starcraft 2 » Patchs » Bugs du patch 1.2 pour SC2

Bugs pour le patch 1.2 de Starcraft 2

Suite à la sortie du patch 1.2 de Starcraft 2, une liste de bugs a été répertoriée par Blizzard. Cette liste est en attente de correction et on espère rapidement la sortie du patch 1.2.1.
Voici le listing de ces bugs (en anglais) : http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/1869216989
"Spawn Creep Tumor from a Creep Tumor cannot be customized
We are aware that the Creep Tumor does not appear in the Zerg tab of the Custom Hotkeys dialog. We're working towards a solution and are sorry for the inconvenience.
Cloaked flying units attacking through fog of war will show up momentarily
We are working on an issue where cloaked flying units will appear through the fog of war as they attack a target, even when they are not detected.
The Join Game page is not immediately scrollable
We're aware of an issue with the Join Game page not being movable until the last map is selected and are working towards a solution.
Seeker Missile does not always strike a Baneling just after it finishes hatching
It is possible to fire the Raven's Seeker missile at a Zergling as it evolves into a Baneling in such a way that the Baneling can hatch and avoid the missile's strike. We're evaluating the targeting mechanic and working on a solution.
The Game Invite dialog for Join a Game does not display Category and Mode
We are aware of an issue where Category and Mode are blank when inviting people to Join a Game. We're working towards a solution.
Vespene Geysers that are taken by your opponent sometimes flash on the minimap
Occasionally captured geysers will blink to appear unclaimed on the mini-map, we're aware of the issue and are investigating the cause.
(MAC) A key can become stuck if the game client window is minimized while a key is being held down.
We are working on an issue where keys can be stuck "pressed" on a Macintosh version of the game client if you hold the key, minimize the client, and return to the client after letting go of the key. We're working towards a solution and are sorry for the inconvenience."
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